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What questions should I ask before buying CBD oil?

The three letters so many people have been talking about lately are “CBD”. Well there is a good reason for that.

CBD, or cannabidiol, has become increasingly popular in the last few years for its therapeutic benefits. More and more people are turning to CBD as a natural alternative to other things they may have been taking in the past. As with any supplement, it is important to understand what CBD is, how it works, and how to choose the best high quality oils or products to use for you.

When it comes to come to purchasing CBD products, there are a few important questions that you may want to ask to know for sure that you are getting a safe and effective product.

Let’s start with the obvious question…

What is CBD?

CBD is a naturally occurring compound that comes from the hemp plant. It is one of the many compounds that are known as cannabinoids. These are what are responsible for the therapeutic properties of the hemp plant. CBD, unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) does not have any psychoactive effects when taken.

Can CBD get you “high?”

No, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects and will not get you “high.”

Is CBD oil or CBD products addictive?

CBD is considered to be completely safe and non-addictive when it is used as directed. As with any new supplement, you want to make sure you are taking a high-quality CBD Product such as Hempworx CBD oil. As well, if you have any major concerns, as with any supplement, you may want to speak with your healthcare provider before starting any new products.

Can someone overdose on CBD?

As anyone would say, the answer is no… but theoretically you can overdose on anything. If someone drinks too much water in one day, they can have major problems. So with any supplement, it is always best to start with a lower serving size, such as a 500mg CBD oil, and increase it gradually as you need. Hempworx sells CBD oil tinctures from 500mg to 1500mg.

Is CBD oil and Hemp seed oil the same thing?

No, Hemp seed oil and CBD oil are not the same things. CBD oil is actually made from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of the hemp plant. Hemp seed oil on the other hand is made from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp seed contains a higher concentrations of beneficial fatty acids, while CBD oil contains a higher concentrations of CBD.

How is CBD grown and how is it harvested?

CBD is typically grown and harvested in areas with a warmer climate. Hempworx CBD is grown and harvested in the USA. You can also find CBD grown in harvested in others of the world such as Europe and Canada. When choosing a good high quality CBD oil, you want to make sure the company is transparent about where the hemp is grown and harvested. As well, make sure that each batch is third-party tested for purity and potency.

What serving size of CBD should I take, and how does it take to feel the benefits?

Each person is different and of course, their needs differ as well. For each person it may take some experimentation to find the right serving size for you. It is important to start with a lower serving size and increase gradually as you need to. For some people it may take a few days to weeks to feel the benefits of CBD.

As with all supplements and CBD oil, be sure to choose a brand that is reputable and stands behind the quality of their products. Hempworx CBD Products are third party tested for Quality and Purity. They have a full line of hemp-derived products ranging from oils, body care, and supplements. They offer a full product line of CBD Products.

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