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Enjoy Multiple Benefits from the "Hempworx Pack"

Hempworx full pack for purchasing

The Hempworx Pack consists of 8 of the most popular Hempworx Products.  Save $83 by purchasing the Hempworx Pack.



Purchase the Hempworx Pack and save money.  The Hempworx Pack consists of a complete bundle of 8 of the Hempworx brand's most sought-after products.  As with all of our companies products, they are all made with high-quality hemp extract.  Each item in the Hempworx Pack has been carefully selected to provide a comprehensive wellness experience for the customer and each products targets different aspects of overall health and wellness.
The Hempworx Packet includes the following Hempworx Products.
  • Hempworx 500mg CBD Oil (Natural Flavor): Our potent and pure natural flavored Full Spectrum CBD Oil.  This oil is ideal for those looking to get the full benefits of CBD. It is made with organic, non-GMO hemp. 

  • Hempworx 500mg CBD Oil (Guava Flavor);  Our potent and pure Guava flavored Full Spectrum CBD Oil is extremly popular with our customers.  This oil is ideal for those looking to get the full benefits of CBD and enjoying pleasant taste as well.  It is made with organic, non-GMO hemp. 

  • Hempworx CBD + Melatonin Soft Gels:  These soft gels are formulated to help get that perfect nights sleep. The combination of CBD and Melatonin helps support the function of a healthy immune system, promotes health and wellness, helps support healthy Serotonin system function and supports a restful sleep.  

  • Hempworx Original Shampoo: Formulated specifically to help restore dry and damages strands of hair.  Made with Hempseed oil and helps to leave your hair with a confidence-boosting shine, you're sure to love.

  • Hempworx Original Conditioner: Color-safe and free from sodium chloride and parabens.  Formulated to help restore hair with complex vitamins which work together to deliver the important nutrients that your hair needs. 

  • Hempworx Relief Cream: When you've had a long day, let this cooling topical cream take care of the problem areas you have.  The Relief cream is made with CBD, CBG and emu oil and is a potent formula which is infused with natural extracts. 

  • Hempworx Revive Cream:  Maybe it is time for a renewed and nourished complexion.  With a formulation of CBD, CBG and an exclusive blend of high-quality ingredients...apply the cream and allow the Revive Cream to do its magic. 

  • Hempworx CBD Gummies: These CBD-infused gummies can help support a balanced lifestyle. The Broad Spectrum CBD in Hempworx gummies offer all the benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes, without the THC.  Each gummy is packed with 25mg of CBD. 

The Hempworx Pack is a comprehensive bundle of our top-quality selected hemp extract products, which are designed to support overall health and wellness. If you are looking to target specific areas that you may have concerns about or if you are just simply wanting to incorporate quality hemp extract into your daily routine, this pack has everything you need.  

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