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The Limited Edition HempWorx Haircare Pack! 

Get ready to transform your at-home beauty routine with the limited edition HempWorx Haircare Pack! 

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Hempworx Full Haircare Pack


Subscription Price

The Hempworx Haircare customizable set offers a variety of hair-loving products to suit each persons specific needs for their hair.  You can choose from a selection of 8 shampoos and/or conditioners, all which are made with organic hemp seed oil, as well as enriched with essential vitamins and amino acids for healthier hair.  The shampoo and conditioner are available in both Original Formulas and Deep Hydration options. The limited edition haircare pack also includes 4 luxurious Hempworx Hair Masks, which are formulated to reduce frizz and also add a wonderful radiant shine. Do you have a problem with split ends?  Well, it’s time to say goodbye to your frizz and split by using the HempWorx Pure Glow Hair Serums, which are also included in the Hair Care Pack.  The Hair Serums are made with cold-pressed hemp seed oil to help achieve those silky and soft locks that you are sure to love.  Now that your hair is taken care of, we also help you to complete your beauty transformation with 4 HempWorx Hand & Body Lotions. The body lotions are infused with cold-pressed hemp seed oil, amino acids, vitamins, and shea butter to help soothe and hydrate you dry skin, from your head to your toes.  

Get ready to experience the ultimate salon-quality pampering with the HempWorx Haircare Pack!

The Hempworx Haircare Pack includes;


  •   8 HempWorx Shampoos and/or Conditioners (you can customize all eight in any configuration you would like): Hempworx shampoos and conditioners are made from organic hemp seed oil, which is also enriched with amino acids and vitamins.  They are made cruelty-free, and they are available in Original Formulas and/or Deep Hydration Formula

  • 4 HempWorx Hair Masks (you can also customize all four in any configuration that you choose to): Hempworx Hair Mask is a great complement to your haircare routine.  The hair masks are formulated to reduce frizzy hair and as well add a brilliant shine. With the Hair Mask, you can also choose from the Original Formula and/or Deep Hydration. 

  • 4 HempWorx Pure Glow Hair Serums: If you have a lot of fizz and split ends, well, it’s time to say goodbye and hello to you new soft and shiny hair with our lightweight pure glow hair serum.  It is made with cold-pressed hemp seed oil, the and also enriched with amino acids as well as vitamins that help keep your hair soft and silky.

  • 4 HempWorx Hand & Body Lotions: To complete the full package, our Hempworx Haircare Pack also includes the HempWorx Hand & Body Lotion.  This wonderful skincare product is infused with cold-pressed hemp seed oil, amino acids, vitamins, and shea butter which all work together to soothe your dry skin areas and help to bring out a healthy glow on your skin every single day.

At Shop CBD Global, we are happy to be your #1 Go to online store for Hempworx CBD Products.   We offer a Full Line of Hempworx CBD and Hemp-Based Products.  

All products in the Hempworx Haircare Pack are made with the Highest Quality Ingredients and all come with a 60 day money  back guarantee.  

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