Yes, you heard it right!

Hempworx sample packs include almost $50 in free HempWorx product samples. You just pay shipping and handling of only $11.95. (that’s all) This offer is only available in the USA.

By ordering our FREE HempWorx samples, you get the opportunity to try 2 of our 500mg CBD oil oral tinctures as well as Relief Topical Pain Cream and the Renew Anti-Aging & Revive with added Collagen Skin Care products! We understand some people would prefer to try out our products first so we decided to add all the products in a sample size all in one place for a crazy low price!  Once you try them you will see where so many customers rave out our products and we have had so many life long customers and affiliates. 


Sample Pack Contents:

You can also become an affiliate! 

Hempworx is one of the fastest-growing network marketing companies in the world for a reason.  We care about our products, customers, and affiliates so much.  For only $20 and one product order you can literally have your own online business today!  We provide you with multiple websites (already finished), marketing materials, Online Training, and many people to work with you step by step to help you get started with this amazing opportunity. 

You become an affiliate with a sample pack for only $31.95 total.  That is a great way to just start to get into the business.  

For those wanting to really just into the industry head first, we recommend one of our starter packs + the (one time) affiliate set up fee of $20.   

Besides the sample pack and $20 to start your own business, we also have 3 packages that can you can start off with to get even higher commissions.  The bigger the package you start with, the higher the commissions and the more opportunity you can benefit from our extremely lucrative comp plan. 

Our three start packages include;

Builder Pack        1 product $69 plus a (one time) $20

Director Pack       4 products $199 plus a (one time) $20

Executive Pack  12 products $599 plus a (one time) $20


* The Executive Pack is the highest commissions to buy in at, and you can always upgrade later

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