Are you ready to put Hempworx products in your store?

Hempworx Now offers Wholesale CBD Products!

Yes it’s true, you can have your own Hempworx CBD business!

If you open your eyes you are probably starting to see CBD products everywhere. So are you ready to cash in on one of the biggest product movements in history? Not only can you become an affiliate for Hempworx, we now offer Wholesale pricing to you or any affiliates on your team.


Hempworx offers different options for our wholesale packages. (See below)

As most people realize, Hempworx is becoming a household CBD brand because the company values quality and is dedicated to bringing the best CBD products to the market. Hempworx has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers and the numbers are growing every single day.  Imagine having an array of quality Hempworx products in your store for constant returning customers. 


 Hempworx offers Full Spectrum and THC free oils, in different strengths, including 500mg and 750mg.  As well you have options to choose different natural flavors like Cinnamon, Peppermint, and Natural, to satisfy all of your customer's taste buds. You can also offer your customers many other great Hempworx products including, Topical relief cream, Renew and Revive skincare products, as well as Pet treats and oils. 

Where can you sell Hempworx?

Basically anywhere there are people.

There are many places you can put Hempworx products, including; Yoga Studios, Health Food Stores, Doctors Clinics, Veterinary Clinics, Dispensaries, Spas, Beauty Salons, Chiropractor clinics, Gift Stores, Flea Markets, Trade Shows, Dog Kennels, and many many more. 

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Common Questions that are asked about Hempworx Wholesale. 

Is it legal in my State?

Hemp-Derived CBD is federally legal, but we advise you to check with your local authorities to make sure you can sell CBD products legally. Checking the local laws in your area is something that is up to you to do.  There are still a few states that have different laws regarding CBD on shelves in a Brick and Mortar store. 

How long does it take to Ship?

Wholesale purchases are much larger order than the normal 4 or 12 packs so processes your entire order can possibly take up to 14 business days. Shipments only go out when the wholesale orders are paid in full. ​


​Do I need to become an Affiliate?

Place a wholesale order automatically gives you an affiliate account.  This is great because you then will automatically have a personal website for your business that your customers can order from, therefor using are amazing compensation plan as well. You can also sign up and many affiliates on your team as you would like and benefit that way as well. It a “win-win” business situation. Hempworx handling all the shipping, returns, customer service, and payments.  

Do I get Signs/Banners/Business cards?

Once you become an affiliate (automatically if you purchase a wholesale order) then you will have access (for purchase) to all our marketing materials such as; Business Cards, banners, flyers, apparel, and more.


What is the refund policy?

We offer a 60day money-back guarantee on all our products for normal customers, but all wholesales orders are NON-Refundable due to the amount of effort, time, and work put into wholesale orders. 


Can I sell at the price I choose?

You can only sell Hempworx products at our minimum advertised prices. This is to protect all of the affiliates and other wholesalers. We do not allow prices below our minimum advertised prices. Any wholesaler or affiliated with does that will be terminated. We stand behind our quality and our company. If you follow all the guidelines, you can have an incredibly profitable business.